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With our extensive manual skills and experience of a wide range of plant we provide our clients with a level of fitting, mechanical repair and maintenance resources that would be too expensive to maintain internally. We are able to work either alone with problem solving and and maintenance tasks, or as part of an existing team.

We set up and implement planned maintenance programs to help safeguard against unexpected machine or plant failure. Acting as your factory engineer we will deal with all aspects of factory maintenance including doors, floors, buildings, pipe work, ducting, conveyors and machine installations.

We are always interested in working on unusual projects that require a combination of good manual skills and high levels of engineering experience.

 Machine repair

 Routine mechanical maintenance

 Machine refurbishment

 Slideway reconditioning

 Machine relocation and installation

 Planned maintenance programs

 Hydraulic systems

 Pneumatic systems

Just think of the task that's been bugging you for ages and contact us for the solution.

Machine maintenance
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